Youth Konnect

Presented by Blessed Edwin

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Saturday 3:30 pm 4:00 pm

Youth Konnect

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Youth Konnect with Blessed Edwin is a 30 minutes programme specifically targeted to the youths. It’s an enlightening programme that broadens the knowledge of youths in socio-cultural, educational and personal development aspects coupled with other areas of life youths are interested in. Its atmosphere is packed with insight and excitement which would easily reach out and appeal to youths.
This programme is also pointed at motivating youths to make good and acceptable life decisions as they live their lives. The host would use Creative, Innovative and Spiritual Approaches to help the youths find their passion, so that they can live with Authenticity and Purpose.

Some of the topics to be treated include: Discovery of Purpose, Development of Vision, Destiny Fulfillment, Talent Development, Discovery of Potentials, Character Development, Goal Setting, Creating Values, Becoming a Problem Solver, Optimum Time Management, Self Grooming, Beyond Just being Successful, Putting Knowledge to work and many more.

The programme will last for an initial one year.
There will also be a dedicated portal for questions and answers (Q&A) after every episode.

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