Engineering Department

Engineering department Rivers State Broadcasting Corporation (RSBC), operator of 99.1MHz, is the pivot on which the operations of the stations revolves. The department is saddled with the responsibility of installing new equipment and maintenance of all operational equipment and maintenance of all operational equipment in the station.

The department is presently headed by Mr. EZEKIEL MGBO-AWAJI A. he was employed into the services of the corporation in January 1991 and rose through the rank and files in the department to the position of a director. In August, 2016, he was appointed the head of the department.


The Engineering Department in Radio Rivers operate on dual site vis-à-vis the transmitting station at Elelenwo and the studio complex at Degema street , Port Harcourt Township.

The transmitting station which is mainly concerned with the transmission of the station signal housed the transmitting system:-

  • Transmitter
  • Feeder line
  • Antenna
  • Mast etc.

The transmitting station is presently headed by Mr. Daniel Vitete Kpandei and has two (2) major units:-

  • Engineering maintenance
  • Engineering operations

While the studios operate with the live/recording studios and the links it has the following units and their heads:

  • Studios operations headed by Emmanuel Somiari
  • Maintenance – Alaboma Burubo
  • Information and Communication Technology – Miebaka Ikrirko
  • Engineering stores – Ebenzer Daniel
  • Electrical – Stanely George
  • Plants – Ebenezer Daniel
  • Works/Plumbling – Nubari Awanem.

All the units always worked together to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the station which is to sustain itself on air with good output quality.

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