Planning Research And Statistics Division

Planning Research And Statistics Division

Planning, Research and Statistics Division comprises a head of department with three (3) other staff. The department oversees a central book Library for members of Staff of the Corporation and outside researchers. It is the centre for Information gathering, knowledge and a rendezvous for research, especially in the area of broadcasting and other related media materials. It has three units for administrative convenience.

The three units are:

Planning Unit:

Examines the overall activities of the Corporation in line with other government organisations so as to adopt a strategy that will put it in a better position.

Research Unit:

Takes care of documents, particularly Newspapers and Magazines to separate important issues concerning Rivers State are cut and put in file for references by researchers who make use of the Library.

Statistics Unit:

Collates data or information on Radio listenership audience, number of users of research Library, list and up-date of past and present government functionaries.

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